With natural areas like Buen Retiro Park and wide, pedestrian-only boulevards like the famed Gran Via, Madrid is also a traditional European walking metropolis. The culinary culture thrives here, from informal tapas sampling food to cutting-edge, Michelin-starred molecular gastronomy.


The second largest city in Spain, Barcelona, offers a completely different travel experience than Madrid. With pleasant, sunny weather most days of the year, its seaside position lends it a more resort-like feel. It’s on the country’s northeast coast, near the Mediterranean Sea, and feels far more contemporary and advanced than Madrid and other Spanish cities.

San Sebastian

This tourist town lies in the Basque region of Spain, on the north coast. San Sebastian is situated on the beautiful Bay of Biscay, which connects the Atlantic Ocean to the city. The famous surf location of Playa de Zurriola is home to a vibrant surfing culture.


Valencia is a port city with a long history of maritime commerce and Spanish trade with the rest of the world, especially with Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It is situated on the Mediterranean Sea on the country’s southern coast. Because it is a seaside city, there are several wonderful beaches to enjoy. Another outdoor attraction is Albufera Park, a seaside wetlands area with several hiking trails.

Calle de San Bernardo, 79, 28015 Madrid, Spain